Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Almost Caught up!!

So I know it has been forever since I've updated but I think I am mostly caught up!! Just to let y'all know we are now living in Lehi, Ut, in a townhome that we are renting!! We love it! It's perfect for us, for the moment!! Aaron is still working for APX, and is planning on co-managing next summer!! We are expecting our second child, which is super exciting especially now that I'm over my morning sickness!! We should find out wether it's a boy or girl right before Thanksgiving! However, Wes says it's his baby-sister, so I don't even think we need an ultrasound! Hahaha! We'll let y0u know!!!


We went up to Idaho to visit a few weeks ago

and decided since all of the cousins were together

again we should try to get a pic with all of them!

Well as you can see, with 13 kids all under the age

of 9, that can prove quite difficult!

from the top left: McKenna, Meliah, Desmond,

Lucas, Riley, Keldon, Isaac, Wesley,

Jarom, Carter, Niyah, Logan, and Emilee!!

Wes and Isaac! Born to be troublemakers together!!

BYU game!!

We went to our first BYU game at the end of

September! They totally kicked butt against

Wyoming so the game was kinda on the boring side!!

We got to sit clear up at the top, and the sun was

Freaking hot, so Wes and I didn't have the best time,

but it was still fun!!

Dinosaur Park!

One of Wes's good friends Ian had a Birthday

Party at the Dinosaur Park in Ogden, Ut!! It

was such a blast!! They have an indoor part

with a couple of life size, very real looking dino's

as well as a huge outdoor park!! Wes was a little

scared at first but he soon realized they couldn't

hurt him and he loved it!!!

Wes and Kaylyn!

I think it's quite fitting!! Wouldn't you agree!?!


OH, So this is from the end of July!!

I love my family so much!! Luckily this year,

living in St. Louis, we lived close enough for my

family to come visit!!! It was a blast! We basically

just went to the pool and chilled out and then

went to Six Flags (which i actually don't have

any pictures of!)

Wes and I!

Sarah and Deyonna!


Aylayna and Kavon!!


Monday, October 20, 2008


So on our way home to Idaho/Utah we made a little pit stop in Vegas!! We went to the strip and walked around and saw some fun places!

I wish i had a picture of Wes's face as he was watching the water show!!! He loved every second of it!!