Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Wesley!!

So Wesley turned 5 on August 18th!! I can't believe
I have a five year old! He starts school on Sept. 1st,
and both Wes and I are soo EXCITED!!
Wesley decided that this year he wanted a party
with a bunch of his friends!! So he invited 7!!
Fun for him, Crazy for me! We'll do it again (in 5 years)!!!

Waiting for his friends to show up!

Wes really wanted fish for his birthday!! S0 on his
birthday we let him them out!! The fish are in there!
5 of them! they're just really small!!
It was a Toy Story themed party!
Enjoying pizza!!
Opening his presents!!

His light up sketchers!
He loved all of the presents he got!! Thanks again
to all of his friends for coming and sharing in his
special day!!
Arabelle being silly!! She was one of the most
calm ones at the party!!
So once he put these shoes on he didn't
take them off until he went to bed that night!
Even to put his pjs on!! And then the next
morning put them right back on!!

His yummy birthday cake!! The frosting was such
a mess though and everyone had blue lips and teeth

Such a fun Birthday!!! We love you Wesley Dean!!!
I love your laughter and your craziness!!! You are such
a special boy!! You definitely keep us on our toes!! Don't
grow up too fast!!