Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Catching up!

So this is my super long catch up post!!! It's been a really long time like 2 months and instead of doing a bunch of little posts of everything that's happened, I decided to do one huge one!! So here it goes....
Karissa is so sweet and wonderful first of all and a great blessing to us!!

Karissa was a touch jaundiced so we put her in the sunlight to help her lose the yellow!!

Easter morning!! Wes loved all his candy of course!!

Karissa in her beautiful dress that her Aunt Rachel made her!!!

Grandma Bahr holding Karissa... she has sooo many grandkids and great-grandkids and more coming all the time I can't remember how many!!

Grandma and Grandpa Bahr, Aaron's mom and us!
Cute family pic!

Karissa and Me!!

All of Aaron's parents grandkids!!! 3 more on the way!!!

Cute pics of my sweet baby at 3 weeks old!!

Rissa at 1 month!!

One of Rissa's first smiles caught on camera!!! 4 1/2 weeks!!
Chick and Ruth's! a popular restaurant in Annapolis, MD

I love her smiles!! 
We walked along the streets and shops in Annapolis and Wes was tired after an hour of course!!
Visiting the Naval Academy!
Map of the Naval Academy! It's a pretty big place!
The harbor in Annapolis!
At the visitor center at the Naval Academy! Wes with friends Addox and Arabelle!
Karissa in her bumbo. not quite in the hang of it yet!!

Washington D.C.! We his up DC and checked out a couple museums and the mall during this visit!!

The Museum of Natural History
Wes loved the dinosaurs the most!!! We could have spent the whole day there!!!

Finding Nemo!!

Karissa loved her stroller!! she would be happy for hours!!!
The hope diamond!
From the movie Night at the museum 2! Notice the yellow words at the bottom!! Yeah that's my son!!
The DC Temple!! I love this temple!! Hence all the pictures of it!! My parents were married in this temple and I've always had a special feeling for this one!!! It was so neat to visit it with my family!!

Addox, Wes, Karissa, Arabelle, Jovie!! Aren't they so cute!!

We went and saw the Washington D.C. Orchestra perform at the DC Temple! Rissa loved it!! haha!
Rissa fell asleep in her bumbo while we were getting ready to go to the pool one day!! so adorable!!

Sandy Point Beach on the Chesapeake Bay!! The sand was kinda nasty and orange and stained our feet and hands but it was a fun day!!!

I mean who doesn't love to bury their kids in the sand?!?

Karissa didn't even mind the water!!!

Wes loves his baby sister!! He loves to hold her and take pictures of her!!!

And pictures of Karissa and me!!
and himself!!!
Then Aaron's sister and her friend Jennalee came to visit for a week and we took them to NYC!!
Here's the Yankee's Stadium!!!

This sign was awesome it say Crack is Wack!! I thought it was funny cause I say that all the time!!
Going to get on the Subway!!
Getting on the Subway!!
Staton Island Ferry!!
Views of NYC!!!
Statute of Liberty!!

Karissa chilling in her car seat as usual!!

Met's Stadium!
I loved all of the bridges!!! I think we crossed a ton of them!!

NYC was a blast!! Unfortunately my camera died half way through the day so i didn't get near as many pictures as I should have!!! :(