Monday, June 23, 2008

SIX FLAGS Over Mid America-St. Louis

We went to Six Flags with Austin and Miles and there adorable kids Addox and Arabelle.  It was raining the morning that we left, but was perfect weather the rest of the day!!! We had soo much fun!! I'm not sure who had more fun though, the kids or the adults!! 

Wes and dad on the carousel!!!
Wes and dad on the hot air balloon ride!
There was this cool area where water squirted out of the ground!! The kids loved it and got completely drenched!  We at one point was almost dry and decided to go play in the water again!!
This ride was soo cute!! It raises the kids up and then drops them down.  Wes was a little nervous at first but he loved it at the end. Addox was funny too, at first he was a little scared but afterwards he wanted to go again! He's the one on the end on the left!
Wes on the swings!
Dad wanted to go on the train with Wes and Bella. It was a tight squeeze!
Aren't Wes and Bella soo cute!!!
Wes, Addox, and Bella on the Taz teacups.  We should have let Addox go in his own teacup.  Wes and Bella looked a little queasy by the time the ride was done!

Wes on the Airplane. He really didn't understand how to go up in it though!!
This was in Hurricane Harbor the little water park that is connected to Six Flags!!! It was soo fun for the kids!!
The only picture i have of me and Austin!!! I know, right!!!
Wes loved the water slides!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Grant's Farm!

We went to Grant's Farm here in St. Louis today!  (well most of the wives club did anyway, we missed a few girls due to various reasons) It was a gorgeous day. Not too hot thankfully.
We got to ride on a tram up to the main area where the kids then got to feed some of the animals.  Wes was very excited to ride on the "train"!!!
Wes and me on the Tram.
A group of us on the Tram.
Wes nearby some very large turtles.
Wes loved petting the animals!
One of the goats even nipped him
and he thought it was so funny!
All the animals were pretty close. It was pretty cool how they were out in the open like they were.  There were lots of larger animals too like buffalo, elephants, elk etc... And the place was free!!! So fun!!  All in all it was a great day with a fun little rain shower right when we were leaving, forcing u to run to our cars!!! 

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day!!!

We had a bbq on Father's Day at our apartment here in St. Louis with a bunch of our friends! This picture was also taken with my new camera!!! yippee!!
Me and my man!!!
The Grill Master!!! 
Our sweet Wesley after rolling down the hill!!! He's growing up soo fast and getting so big!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dave Matthews Band Concert

Beautiful St. Louis skyline view from our seats!

Aaron and I chillin' to Dave!!! It was soo hot 
that night. We were all dying!!! But it was 
worth it!!

Random picture of Dave jamming...

And again...

Best Concert Ever!!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

                       The St. Louis Temple!!!
 On our very first Sunday in St. Louis we came to see
 the temple!!! Isn't it sooo beautiful??  Wes liked the 
 fountain more than anything of course.                        

Wes and Dad built the most amazing tower togther!!! Wes was soo proud of it!!! He then had the best time destroying it!!!

Wes and Ian Rogers!! Best  Buds!! Wes misses Ian!!!
My sweet Sleeping Child!!!