Monday, December 22, 2008

Fun in the Snow!!

So Last Week we woke up to a bunch of snow after not really having any yet!! Wes was soo excited of course!!
What little boy or girl doesn't love snow?!

Later that afternoon we decided to go out and build a snowman and play in the snow!!! Wes and Aaron are so hard at work building that snowman!!

We had to make do with some random things to finish our snowman off!! Wood chips, baby carrots, branches and a scarf!! I went in after the snowman was done and looked out the window a bit later and our snowman was demolished!! I was so sad I thought some punk kids had knocked it down!! I told Aaron and he told me that him and Wes destroyed it cause Wes wanted to and they mine as well be the ones to do it!!! HAHA!

This morning we woke up to tons of snow coming down!! It dumped 4 inches in like an hour or so i think, and then a few more through out the day!! This pic is from right after Aaron finished shoveling!!

Once again what boys do best!! Wes loves to kick the snow... no matter how much there is!!!