Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Finally feeling settled?

So we're back from Baltimore, Maryland and in an apartment in Pleasant Grove and feeling pretty good!! We had an interesting summer, especially the last month and a half, and are glad to be back to the dry mountainous west! 
   Aaron is taking a CNA class and will be busy with that while he waiting to find out if he's accepted into the UVU Bachelor of Science nursing program!
    I'm trying to keep up with my 2 kiddo's and having fun with my new hobby of making flower bows!! It's addicting!
    Wes has decided he wants to go to gymnastics instead of preschool this fall! He's so silly! The entire year he was 3 he was so excited to go to preschool when he turned 4! Now that he's 4 though he wants to do gymnastics and can't wait till he's 5 so he can go to Kindergarden!!
    Karissa is sweet as ever and her personality is coming out more all the time!! she's also very mobile and is rolling and almost scooting all over the place!!!
      So these pics are just some from our last couple of months...We visited Philly and the kids and I visited my family while Aaron finished up work in MD...

Katie's Birthday!!!

Karissa loves toys!! 

Deyonna looking a sweet and innocent!! 

Wes loves hanging with his uncles!!
Sleeping Beauty!!
Sarah having fun with ryssa!

Me and my sissy duckling Kaylyn!

Fun at the New Holstein pool!!